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Why Dads are buying swimming pools?

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

You take that final turn into your driveway and with a slow roll you enter your parking spot. You have had a long productive day and now it’s time to completely unwind. Walking into the house you feel like royalty when the little ones come running with the “Daddy play with me” list. Off you go to get changed on this warm summer daylight savings evening. As you walk out of your back door into the lush green surroundings of your garden, you hear the satisfying sound of water falling across rocks, through

your garden and into your own swimming pool. Yes, relaxation is just a few steps away when you hear “Daddy watch what I can do” from number one son as you duck the beach ball coming at your little girl. You grew up with a swimming pool in your backyard and you can’t help but pause and remember all the stuff you did and enjoyed when you were their ages.

You can remember never wanting to get out of the swimming pool which is no different than the kids are now. You can remember never taking the time to pick up all the toys around the swimming pool or get them off the bottom of the pool, just like they do now. You can remember never getting enough time to show off your tricks you worked on all day, just like they are doing now. And then your memory is jogged by a wave of water from a perfectly placed cannon ball by son number two…just like you used to do to your Dad. Isn’t it something that the fun you had around the pool is so much like what your children want from you…attention, time, love, and encouragement. When all is said and it was not the type of swimming pool, nor the size of the swimming pool, nor the toys around and in your swimming pool that mattered one bit as long as Dad was here to play. That is all they remember! Their memory is all about Dad and how much fun you are to be around. Building a back yard playground is always more fun when water is involved. There are times when swimming pools can be classified as big puddles for big kids and nothing can replace the goofy times, the fun memories, and the permanent connections you create as a family around that swimming pool. Play hard, pick up together, tighten a screw or rinse a filter as a team and what you have done is turned a well-designed swimming pool into a tool for creating family memories.

Little boys have dreams and little boys grow up to be young men who can chase those dreams. Too quickly they grow up and go out on their own hoping to realize the same quality family time they have enjoyed with their family. They will enjoy the thought that they too will be able to watch their family grow up as they “hang” around home. Deep down inside that is why Dad’s buy swimming pools. But never forget that swimming pools can also be one of Moms favorite toys as they see the fun their kids have in the “water toy” during the day, just waiting for Dad to come home. Dinner will be easy tonight…dogs on the barbeque, her famous baked beans, and potato chips with dip, brownies and milk. Dads are smart; they buy swimming pools, play with the kids

and keep Mom happy. The recipe is timeless! Creating family memories!

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