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Advantages of Concrete Pools

Updated: Mar 25, 2018

Aquaexpress Pools is a high quality builder specializing in beautifully designed, expert constructed poolscapes that complement the architecture of your home. Our pools combine beauty, comfort and ease of maintenance.

One main advantage of concrete pools has to be their size capabilities. Whereas some other pool materials may be slightly restricted in size, with concrete, generally anything goes.

Another advantage has to be concrete has to be its ability to be custom designed. With concrete there tends to be no limit, so if you have a very specific design in mind, more often than not, it can be executed. Concrete Pools are capable of taking on a wide variety of geometric shapes, allowing them to be hand crafted to create a unique pool in whatever shape you have in mind, from linear shapes to free form shapes, the choices are endless.

Concrete pools are also good as they can be a permanent addition to your home, therefore boosting value. Once they are added they are not easily removed, and repairs often don’t mean

replacements, simply just re-plastering and acid washing.

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